ERC Series: 1/10 EP Buggy RTR (Promotion)

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ERC Series: 1/10 EP Buggy RTR (Promotion)


  • Length:409mm
  • Width:256mm
  • Height:139mm
  • Wheelbase:288mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 85mm
  • Gear Ratio:9.6


  • Fully assembled and Ready-To-Run
  • Pre finished body shell in new color scheme
  • Brushed 540 Motor with heatsink, 320 ESC
  • 7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH battery
  • High-strength 3KG steering servo
  • 2.4G RC system with built-in failsafe
  • Molded tub chassis with optimized weight distribution
  • 4 wheels independent suspension
  • Battery strap accepts stick packs and side-by-side cells
  • Oil-filled rebuildable shocks
  • Fully independent double A-arm wishbone suspension
  • Tough efficient 4wd shaft drive train
  • Aluminium lightweight center shaft
  • 4 large all-terrain block pin tires
  • Attractive 5-slot wheels
  • Front and rear molded bumpers
  • Twin-point steering
  • Molded protective gear cover

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