Team Magic F8 Supra - with plastic boxes and wheels (#119238)

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Brand: Team Magic
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Team Magic F8 Supra - with plastic boxes and wheels (#119238)


"There is a plastic board in the setupboard ?slip?. You can insert this in the front to use it as table. Mostly this is very helpful as additional pit space for chargers or similar. Great to have the table option.
Also the material and quality is again better than the high quality F8 bag we had before. There are many other brand copies of F8 bag on the market.. you can feel and see the difference in quality and lifetime. Actually the SUPRA is definetely the BEST bag on the market."

Bag dimensions: 52 * 36 * 62cm
Big drawer: 50 * 32.5 * 19cm
Medium drawer: 24.5 * 32.5 * 12cm
Small drawer: 21 * 32.5 * 12cm
Tool Box: 50.5 * 9.5 * 5.7cm

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