Sanwa RX-462 Receiver For MT-4 (#107A41094A)

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Brand: Sanwa
Product Code: RX-462 (107A41094A)
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Sanwa RX-462 Receiver For MT-4 (#107A41094A)

This is the Sanwa RX-462 Receiver For MT-4. The RX-462 2.4GHz FHSS-4T 4-Channel reciver is a Super Response, Telemetry reciver that is used with the Sanwa MT-4 2.4GHz FHSS-4T transmitter. This reciver supports Sanwa Telemrty and features an extremely low latency time and high frame rate, which makes you feel more connected to your model than ever. In addition to providing to providing Telemetry readings for two temperature sources, RPM and receiver battery voltage, when used with an electric-powerd vehicle, the RX-462 reciver is capable of reading the voltage of your vehicle's motor battery. This allows you to monitor the motor battery's voltage in real-time during use.

For: Sanwa MT-4
Color: Black

Length: 36.2mm
Width: 36.5mm
Height: 16.5mm

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