TM503005-RX7 1/10 E4JR RX7 Touring Car RTR

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TM503005-RX7 1/10 E4JR RX7 Touring Car RTR

E4JR Main Features:
-Great Value
-Three Belt Transmission
-Narrow Chassis & Low CG Design
-Centralized Motor & Battery Design
-Most Lipo Battery & Brushless Motor Can Be Used
-New Shocks
-New Widened Belts
-New Thickened Flying Wing Suspension Arm
-Front & Rear Alum. 7075 Universal Drive Shaft
-Front & Rear Ball Differential (Quick Release Design)
-New Lightweight Nylon Pulley
-Fully Upgradable
-Fine Mounted Rubber Tires
-H.A.R.D. 2.4gHz Radio System
-H.A.R.D. JR Dual Mode ESC (w/reverse)
-H.A.R.D. X3 Motor
-Pre-Painted Touring Car Body

E4JR Main Spec:
-1/10 EP Sedan
-Factory Assembled
-Width: 186mm adjustable
-Length: 374mm
-Weight: 1480g
-Wheelbase: 257~259mm
-Drive ratio: 2.059
-Lightweight 35T/ 17T Pulley

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